Class 1
Ornamental Garden Gate
Judge Richard Collinshaw Steward Richard Mount
To be made beforehand to competitors own style and design. No Size Limit.

Class 2 **
Educational Wooden Toy
Judge David Swain Steward Robert Lowe
Competitors to make beforehand and exhibit at the rally and educational wooden toy accompanied by a note specifying suitable age range. No restriction on size.

Class 3
Sculpture made out of farm scrap
Judge Richard Spence Steward Paul Upton
Item to be made from scrap materials. Photos of its construction to be displayed for which 20 points will be allocated.

Class 4
Novelty Nutcracker – 10.00 am
Judge Mick Barnes Steward Philippa Read
There is no size limit

Class 5
Photography – Theme – Skegness 2001
Judge John Morley Steward Helen Bowley
Competitors to produce three 6″ x 4″ prints in colour

Class 6 **
Rag Doll – The Nursery
Judge Jane Faulks Steward Betty Mills
Competitors to produce a Rag Doll suitable for a small child. Size to be no larger than 45 cm/18 in. Rag Doll to be made from predominately soft fabric/materials.
Class 7 **

Finger Puppets – The Nursery
Judge Kate Gilbert Steward Joy Crane
To be made beforehand and exhibited at the County Show. Finger Puppets to tell a story up to ten puppets can be displayed. The Title of your story must be displayed. Marks awarded for design and originality.
Monday 10.00 am – 12 Midday
Tractor Driver of the Year 2001

** Please read National Rules for these competitions

For further details Pleases Contact Derek Kerr, YFC Office Tel 01664-434532