The Tug of War Federation, is an organisation for tug of war teams that take their sport seriously. This is not full pulling or pub pulling, but the real blood sweat and tears sport of tug of war. Often described as a most noble and ancient British Field Sport, tug of was can be traced back through history to the earlier times and in all cultures. Ancient Egypt has several records and depictions of people tugging on ropes, and the Vikings were known to revel in their pulling tournaments, where teams of warriors pulled each other over the burning fires, ouch !

In this county, rope pulling was one of the most popular sports that took place during the St Brices Day Celebrations. This was an annual holiday that celebrated beating the Danes, back in the 1040 or thereabouts. The Festival was abolished by the Church in the 15th Century during the reforms, but this did not stop the people enjoying their rope pulling. A sort of village versus village, community versus community thing took place for the next few hundred years, where neighbouring village would challenge each other, by pulling over a boundary line between the two.

Tug of War has remained popular in modern times too, any sports day, carnival day, or village fete could become the scene of a challenge competition. Used in the Armed Forces since the 1870’s and also by the faming communities, the sport eventually evolved with specific rules of competition. The first official organisations in this Country were started in the 1950’s, with a world organisation starting in the 1970’s.

In the early 1980’s the Tug of War Federation was born, and today is a very strong organisation, with teams all round the country. It provides the sporting arena for junior teams and ladies teams as well as men’s. The Federation is famous too for mixed competitions (4 Men, 4 Women in a team of 8)

The Tug of War competition has been a regular at the Leicestershire County Show for some years now, and for the last four years has been a venue for one leg of the National League. There have been as many as 20 teams competing at the show, the event is very popular amongst the teams as well as the crowds.

Come and join us for a pull. For further details contact Steve Gardiner on 01283-713464